Monday, June 2, 2014

A little about me...

It's so easy being a "fashionista" isn't it?  Of course it is! Who said style can't be whatever makes you feel good? There's no fashion-written rule that says: "colors have to match..." or " prints and bolds don't go".

Fashion is an art. MY art

Before I start rambling about how much I love fashion... let me introduce myself...

Hi! :)

 I'm Joan. Not a difficult name, one syllable, but people still manage to shorten it: "JO".  It's fine (as long as you don't lengthen it and call me Joanne) My absolute favorite color is PURPLE (yay!!) for some reason, it makes me happy (call me crazy, I know, but I'm sure you all have that ONE color that makes you happy) 

You always get asked "describe yourself in a few short words"  Well, here's "myself":  I have an "affaire de coeur" (love affair) with fashion.  Shoe aficionado , car enthusiast, and an eye for color. 

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