Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Overalls are back! Hello '80's!

And then, the day came where I could actually put on my overalls without my mom. I'm an 80's baby, (born in '85... i realize I'm actually dating myself right now) but nonetheless, when  overalls where "in", they were like the TLC and DaBrat kind of overalls (back in the 90's)  You know, the super baggy pants with the tight  belly button shirts, when you used to stand in the mirror with a glitter microphone and pretend you knew all the lyrics to "CREEP" (yea you know it.. HA! GOTCHU!) ..

Well, they're back! Not in the baggy-manish kind of way. I love how you can pair it with whatever shoe! As I say, "Let your mood pick your shoe"
Overalls are back! Hello '80's!
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Overalls are back! Hello '80's! by lakol-mauve featuring blue overalls

Here's How I paired mine:

Burberry Cashmere Cardigan  (I purchased mine at Nordstrom about 5 years ago. .. but this is a similar cardigan in gray)
Distressed Overalls 
Cork Wedges (ive had these shoes for at least 8 years... not sure if you can still find them but you can always Google cork wedges and something similar will pop up)

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